Life Groups

Gathering every Sunday morning at 9:15am

Browse our list of amazing Life Groups to find out where you fit in!

Married with Children

Room 109
Leader: Jason Corder

Young Married

Room 110
Leader: Caleb McNatt

Young Adults

Room 111
Leader: Carmen Bramucci

Married with Older Children

Room 112
Leader: Ralph Hardin

Married with Older Teens

Room 113
Leader: Courtney Ball

Senior Couples

Room 115
Leader: Danny Harper

Empty Nesters

Room 116
Leader: Tabetha Bramucci

Senior Ladies

Room 119
Leader: Hope Class

Empty Nesters

Room 120
Leader: David Kausler

Senior Ladies

Room 121
Leader: Kim Spencer

Senior Couples

Room 122
Leader: John Barber

Empty Nesters

Room 123
Leader: Judy Morris

Senior Men

Room 124
Leader: Joel Burgos

Senior Couples

Room 125
Leader: Jim Rutledge